The validity of religious experience

I’m going to say something that I think some of you monotheists might have trouble with. But here goes: All religious experiences are valid. Hang with me a minute. No one has the right to tell me that I didn’t have an experience with Isis, Hathor and Nephthys nine years ago – any more than… Continue reading The validity of religious experience

Church-State Separation

Church-state separation in Wakulla County, Florida

I feel like, just as other bloggers do, it is my duty to bring things to the attention of my readers when those things are slightly askew. Not much goes on in this rural corner of north Florida, but a couple of things have been bugging me since the beginning of the year. This, for… Continue reading Church-state separation in Wakulla County, Florida


Musings on the Unitarian Universalists

Yesterday I attended my second Unitarian Universalist service. I’d gone to my first one in April, and hadn’t been motivated until yesterday to go back. I’m used to doing my own thing on Sunday – too many years either as an atheist or a solitary – and I sleep in a lot, and it takes… Continue reading Musings on the Unitarian Universalists


Does everything happen for a reason?

Warning: language. How I met my husband is just about the coolest story you’ll ever hear. Of course I’m biased, but once I tell it, I think you’ll understand why I say that. In the fall of 1986, I was living in central Florida with my parents. The previous fall, I had been at Oberlin… Continue reading Does everything happen for a reason?