On Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the United States

Originally posted on WIT:
In the following, we at Women In Theology offer a statement of solidarity with all victims of Islamophobia.  We encourage you to “sign” this letter by re-posting it in full on your blogs, facebook pages, and other social media platforms. We, as Christian theologians in the public sphere, stand together in solidarity with…

Criticism of Religion

State is not the only thing that needs to be separated from church

I talk a certain amount about church/state separation and the need for it. But as my title suggests, there’s more than just government that needs to be separated from religion. Which brings me to Overeaters Anonymous (I’m starting there because it’s the group I have actual experience with. If I were attending a meeting today,… Continue reading State is not the only thing that needs to be separated from church

Criticism of Religion

Robert Dear and Planned Parenthood

On November 27, Robert Dear shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, killing three and wounding nine others. (I know, I’m a bit behind the times here; this was, tragically, two shootings ago.) There has been a certain amount of Internet bandwidth spent discussing the man and his motives, and I thought I was… Continue reading Robert Dear and Planned Parenthood


Kemetic mourning rituals

We preempt your normally scheduled Kemetic vs. Atheist post to bring you some information on Kemetic mourning rituals. Well, at least the ritual from my temple. A few minutes ago, I got word that a friend of mine died yesterday. We weren’t especially close, but I took the news that she was dying with some… Continue reading Kemetic mourning rituals