The intrusion of religion, part 2

Unlike my first post on this topic, this wasn’t unexpected, but it still got to me. I went to get my hair done yesterday – my hair isn’t naturally red, but I like being a redhead, so every two or three months I go in to have my roots done, and after a while the… Continue reading The intrusion of religion, part 2

Criticism of Religion

Is giving stuff up good for you?

I’ve been pretty public about the fact that I’m an ex-Catholic. And of all the things about the Catholic Church that I might miss, Lent is most assuredly NOT on that list. Half the time, my birthday would fall in Lent (my birthday is Feb. 14), and while my parents were as cool as possible… Continue reading Is giving stuff up good for you?

Criticism of Religion

The “true neutral” Catholic Church

Get ready for some no-holds-barred ranting (and some language). Really? Still here? Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. So I saw this article recently. Then I found this one. This is me putting on my “atheist” hat for a moment. Churches only have the power they’re given, i.e., the power they get from… Continue reading The “true neutral” Catholic Church