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The difference between righteous anger and blinding hatred

I follow a few anti-theists on Twitter. I’m not sure why — maybe it goes back to before I was okay with being religious again myself — but I do. I’ve been wondering whether to unfollow these folks. I mean, I’m not AGAINST religion, am I? I’m not here arguing that all forms of religion are backward,… Continue reading The difference between righteous anger and blinding hatred


Wesir’s Day again

Okay, I haven’t been completely honest with you guys. I saw the doctor a few weeks ago and I was assured that physical stress, not mental stress, makes my mono worse. (It is getting better.) Oh, goodie. Does this mean I can get ticked off again? Because there’s been so much to get ticked off… Continue reading Wesir’s Day again


Shrine photos

Okay, folks, I promised you photos last time, and here they are. My shrine resides on top of a jewelry armoire. The lid can be opened, but that section holds rings, and I almost never wear additional rings besides my wedding, engagement and engagement anniversary ring. I know, I have too many statues. Why do… Continue reading Shrine photos