Criticism of Religion

Church abuses

My last post triggered a response from someone who has a much more serious grievance with the Unitarian Universalist Church than I do. Before we go any further, let’s review the primary purpose of this blog: The primary purpose (I say quite selfishly) concerns my religious and secular life. Anything else is tangential, say, church-state… Continue reading Church abuses

Criticism of Religion

This girl can’t “imagine there’s no heaven”

By now, you may have seen the news about the five-year-old who decided to die. How do you talk to your kids about death? It must be difficult. I say it must be difficult because (for better and for worse) there is no way I’ll ever know for sure (unless we adopt, I suppose). So… Continue reading This girl can’t “imagine there’s no heaven”

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Yesterday social media exploded with the news that the Supreme Court had finally rendered a decision as to marriage equality: It is now the law of the land. As you probably can guess by now, I supported this decision, so this is good news to me. I have a gay cousin and a gay brother-in-law,… Continue reading Obergefell

Church-State Separation · Criticism of Religion

Thoughts on reading “Galileo’s Daughter”

While pretending to be an Aflac agent recently, I found myself in a bookstore. One of the books I picked up was “Galileo’s Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love.” I finally got to read it this week. I’ve been wanting this book for a while, ever since I heard the author, Dava… Continue reading Thoughts on reading “Galileo’s Daughter”

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The power of religion

Warning: strong language. I have a website, or I should say I’m maintaining a website. Only I do a bad job at it. It’s been two years since I even touched it, and even longer since I uploaded changes. The creator died and I took over the site, and I have all kinds of excuses… Continue reading The power of religion