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Hillary Clinton and Hatshepsut

It probably won’t surprise anyone reading this that one of my favorite heroes of all time is Hatshepsut. Plenty has been said and written about Hatshepsut, the woman pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty who went from princess to queen to regent to king. There’s a TED-Ed lecture on her, and a very favorable article from… Continue reading Hillary Clinton and Hatshepsut


Wesir’s Day again

Okay, I haven’t been completely honest with you guys. I saw the doctor a few weeks ago and I was assured that physical stress, not mental stress, makes my mono worse. (It is getting better.) Oh, goodie. Does this mean I can get ticked off again? Because there’s been so much to get ticked off… Continue reading Wesir’s Day again


Praying with a dying relative of a different faith

Once more, I draw my inspiration from Free Inquiry, the magazine for atheists (even though I’m not an atheist). The June/July 2016 issue features two answers to the question “Would You Pray with a Dying Believer?” One atheist writer would; the other would not. I understand this is a little different for me as a… Continue reading Praying with a dying relative of a different faith

Criticism of Religion

State is not the only thing that needs to be separated from church

I talk a certain amount about church/state separation and the need for it. But as my title suggests, there’s more than just government that needs to be separated from religion. Which brings me to Overeaters Anonymous (I’m starting there because it’s the group I have actual experience with. If I were attending a meeting today,… Continue reading State is not the only thing that needs to be separated from church


Kemetic mourning rituals

We preempt your normally scheduled Kemetic vs. Atheist post to bring you some information on Kemetic mourning rituals. Well, at least the ritual from my temple. A few minutes ago, I got word that a friend of mine died yesterday. We weren’t especially close, but I took the news that she was dying with some… Continue reading Kemetic mourning rituals


Wesir’s Day and why I didn’t celebrate it

The Kemetic Traditionalists in my temple (Per Ankh) have figured out a way to determine the Kemetic New Year. Basically, you use an astronomy program (I use Stellarium) to figure out the day of the heliacal rising of Sirius (Sopdet to the ancient Egyptians). That day is the Kemetic New Year. The ancient Egyptians calculated… Continue reading Wesir’s Day and why I didn’t celebrate it