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The importance of being seen

Or, what I learned at church today. I went to UU services today. The service touched on a sampling of the variety of holidays we all celebrate this month: Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa. We had a Solstice story and hymn, a Hanukkah meditation and hymn, an Advent homily, and a Kwanzaa video. It was very… Continue reading The importance of being seen


The real reason for the season

I was doing rite to Hathor, the Lady of Love, today (i.e. December 16), and something came to me. Maybe it isn’t earth-shattering, but I wanted to share it with you guys. Whether you think the reason for the season is Jesus, Yahweh or coaxial tilt, isn’t the real reason for the season love? Love… Continue reading The real reason for the season