Praying with a dying relative of a different faith

Once more, I draw my inspiration from Free Inquiry, the magazine for atheists (even though I’m not an atheist). The June/July 2016 issue features two answers to the question “Would You Pray with a Dying Believer?” One atheist writer would; the other would not. I understand this is a little different for me as a… Continue reading Praying with a dying relative of a different faith


Not all religions are anti-woman

Free Inquiry is, once again, the inspiration for today’s post. You would think that the avowed atheist in the household would read it, but I – the one on the fence – am the one who reads it. I can’t imagine there are many like me – quasi-religious atheists who would encounter an article by… Continue reading Not all religions are anti-woman


The afterlife

The February/March 2015 issue of Free Inquiry has two articles on death: Greta Christina says that atheists need to start more conversations about death, and James Davenport argues that we leave heaven when we die. But I’m not exactly an atheist, so I’m not really sure where I fall on the afterlife spectrum. I’ve gone… Continue reading The afterlife


Tolerance and freedom of speech

My husband and I have a subscription to Free Inquiry. Unfortunately, I’m behind in my reading because apparently I’d rather waste time on Facebook than read. But my job is giving me the chance to catch up (in between answering the phone), so yesterday I grabbed the closest issue I could find, which just happened… Continue reading Tolerance and freedom of speech