Does everything happen for a reason?

Warning: language. How I met my husband is just about the coolest story you’ll ever hear. Of course I’m biased, but once I tell it, I think you’ll understand why I say that. In the fall of 1986, I was living in central Florida with my parents. The previous fall, I had been at Oberlin… Continue reading Does everything happen for a reason?


Wesir’s Day and why I didn’t celebrate it

The Kemetic Traditionalists in my temple (Per Ankh) have figured out a way to determine the Kemetic New Year. Basically, you use an astronomy program (I use Stellarium) to figure out the day of the heliacal rising of Sirius (Sopdet to the ancient Egyptians). That day is the Kemetic New Year. The ancient Egyptians calculated… Continue reading Wesir’s Day and why I didn’t celebrate it


Not all religions are anti-woman

Free Inquiry is, once again, the inspiration for today’s post. You would think that the avowed atheist in the household would read it, but I – the one on the fence – am the one who reads it. I can’t imagine there are many like me – quasi-religious atheists who would encounter an article by… Continue reading Not all religions are anti-woman


The afterlife

The February/March 2015 issue of Free Inquiry has two articles on death: Greta Christina says that atheists need to start more conversations about death, and James Davenport argues that we leave heaven when we die. But I’m not exactly an atheist, so I’m not really sure where I fall on the afterlife spectrum. I’ve gone… Continue reading The afterlife

Criticism of Religion · Kemeticism

The power of religion

Warning: strong language. I have a website, or I should say I’m maintaining a website. Only I do a bad job at it. It’s been two years since I even touched it, and even longer since I uploaded changes. The creator died and I took over the site, and I have all kinds of excuses… Continue reading The power of religion

Church-State Separation · Kemeticism

Welcome to the craziness that is me

Hi and welcome. I’ve contemplated doing a blog for a while now, but wondered if I had anything useful to say. We’ll find out together. My Twitter bio says I’m “part atheist, part Kemetic.” I’ve been this way for some time, really, sometimes secular, sometimes religious. It’s very situational. Is that a bad thing? Maybe,… Continue reading Welcome to the craziness that is me