The difference between Isis and the Islamic State

I work as a temp. At my job site I got a question about a bumper sticker I have on my car. This guy doesn’t know me – in fact, I don’t even know his name yet (only been at the job site five days now, and people come and go, and I’m not really extroverted…at all…and he was in a rush to leave and I didn’t get his name). Anyway, he asked about this bumper sticker:


I guess I should have seen it coming.

So I tried to tell him, in as neutral a fashion as I could, that it was referring to the goddess Isis from ancient Egypt. And so did Ra.

And he said something like, “Not the junk in the Middle East,” or something.

And I said, “No, of course not!” Which was kind of unfair of me, because like I said, he doesn’t know me. How would he know?

There are times when I regret my choice of bumper sticker (at least on this one; I have others). But I’ve decided that I’m not going to take it off. The rest of the world is just going to have to deal with me, on my terms.

And if, as a friend suggested on Facebook, I might be risking getting my tires slashed? I hope they have a good lawyer, because whether I press charges or sue, they’re going to need one.

I could just be an Egyptophile, in which case the bumper sticker is a bit of harmless fun. But this is actually my religion. Isis is the goddess that was there for me on my worst night ever. She is non-negotiable. The Islamic State is the Islamic State, or ISIL, if you prefer. Just don’t call them ISIS (at least not while I’m in earshot).

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