Church-State Separation

Church-state separation in Wakulla County, Florida

I feel like, just as other bloggers do, it is my duty to bring things to the attention of my readers when those things are slightly askew. Not much goes on in this rural corner of north Florida, but a couple of things have been bugging me since the beginning of the year.

This, for instance:


Notice that it says “Wakulla,” not “Wakulla County.” I bet you this is the only reason this sign is legal – it doesn’t actually name a governmental body.

Also, the Wakulla News had this report in January about the county commissioners voting to put “In God We Trust” on the wall of the meeting room. Only one commissioner had the courage to vote against it. And you know how they’re going to pay for it? Private donations. Now what does that tell you, that they’re deliberately not using taxpayer money for it? They knew it was dubious enough without involving the taxpayer’s dime. Sneaky.

That’s how we do things in Wakulla County; we tread the fine line between Legality and Lawsuitville.

Just as George Washington had faith that America would grow more liberal with time, so do I. Someday – I won’t live to see this, but maybe the generation after me will – “In God We Trust” will be struck down as the national motto, and the Florida state motto, and be seen for what it is: a violation of the First Amendment.

My advice would be: Definitely don’t hold your breath waiting for this day to arrive.

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