Church-State Separation

Kim Davis

Well, why shouldn’t I weigh in on Kim Davis? Everybody else has an opinion.

Actually, I wasn’t seeing the need to clutter the Internet with my view, but she finally made the mistake of reminding me of my high-school self, which is probably why I can’t stand her.

I believe I have stated before on this blog that I was a rabid Catholic growing up (almost became a nun, etc.). The do-or-die issue to me in high school wasn’t the gays – I was on the fence about them, pretty much – but abortion. All those propaganda films we watched at Holy Cross (Grade) School and St. Dominic Regional High (now St. Dom’s Academy – ooh, how impressive!), well, they worked. I was completely and thoroughly brainwashed against abortion. It was murder, by God, and that was the end of it. And besides, Beethoven!

Actually, I had pretty strong opinions on my religion in general back then; it wasn’t just abortion. If any of my high-school classmates are reading this, if you weren’t there the one religion class when I shoved my Blue Army of Our Lady pin into Steve Akerley’s face, be glad you missed it. (I’m sorry, Steve.) (I’m pretty sure anyone who liked me back then, or even just put up with me, deserves a medal. Rachel Maier, I’m looking at you.)

So do I expect Kim Davis is winning friends? I don’t know, maybe. She seems to have her share of followers. And if she really thinks she’s going to HELL if she approves of gay marriage in ANY WAY, there’s probably not going to be much anyone can say to convince her otherwise. (Too bad she’s not Catholic; even my mother approves of the Obergefell decision.)

So I guess it’s down to those legal experts who are looking at if a marriage license is legal without Davis’ signature. If it is, if gays can get marriage licenses in Rowan County and Kim Davis’ conscience can rest easy, maybe, just maybe, everybody can get a happy ending.

If not, there are some tough decisions ahead. If not, it might be time for Kim Davis to find another line of work.

3 thoughts on “Kim Davis

  1. As far as I am concerned, if she can’t do her job and al that it entails (by law), she needs to quit and get out of the public sector. Very simple in my mind. She has all the freedom in the world for her beliefs. However, those beliefs do not supersede the law; we would have anarchy if that were the case.

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  2. Of course her views don’t supercede the law. I guess what I failed to convey with this post is that much as I hate to admit it, I do understand her position. It’s like abortion being legal; I used to believe that abortion is murder and just couldn’t fathom how it could be legal. To me, not murdering babies was more important than what the law said. it’s very difficult to be in that religious mindset; your thinking kind of goes haywire.


  3. If Kim Davis had been a cop during prohibition, one who really believed in temperance, then her reaction to the repeal of prohibition would probably be similar. “I still don’t believe in drink, no matter what the new law is. Therefore I will still arrest anyone I see with alcohol”. What she fails to understand is that her personal views do not supercede the law. When the law changes, her enforcement of it changes with it. THAT’S the issue she has to deal with. As for the marriage licenses, I believe that the assistant clerks are allowed to issue them under the court order. As long as she doesn’t try to stop it, things will be fine. (This is only my opinion, I am not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV).

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