Devotion, maybe

Way back in this post and its comments, I discussed the details of the Daily Rite of my temple, Per Ankh. Next to “Pour the rest of the natron in your bath,” I put “(optional).” I did this because my teacher said I could get away with just doing the mouth rinse. And for the first ten years I’ve been a Kemetic, I did it this way.

Recently, however, I have actually been pouring the rest of the natron in my bathwater and taking a bath. And then after I’m dry, I put on a white robe and greet Netjer, continuing with the rite. So now I am doing it as it was actually written. But somehow it seems like a bigger deal now. I feel like I’m more devout. Am I? I don’t know; it’s probably an illusion created by the fact that what I do now is more involved.

Just for something extra to do to ritualize the pouring of the natron water into the bath, I say a few words like, “May this water purify me, O Netjer.” One day the word “Lord” popped into my head before “Netjer.” I was like, Where did that come from? I haven’t been a devout Catholic since the age of 19 (that’s 30 years ago for those of you keeping score at home), but I guess the old habit was still in my brain somewhere, and it’s dying hard. I am quite certain, however, that it is just a habit and I’m not wasting too much energy on it.

Next time I’ll post pictures of my tiny shrine (on the top of a jewelry armoire) with its too many statues. Meanwhile, feel free to post your thoughts below.

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