A few brief words about John Glenn

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Kemetic vs. Atheist

This might seem off-topic for a minute, but bear with me.

the-pleiades-star-cluster-11637_640 Image of the Pleiades via Pixabay.

As you may know, John Glenn, Mercury astronaut, Senator, and hero, passed away yesterday.

The Daily Rite that I shared with you guys a while back features these words:

I pour cool water for the akhu,

Shining like gold in the vault of Nut.

May they be cooled.

What does this mean? Nut is the goddess of the sky; therefore, the vault of Nut is the sky itself. The akhu, shining like gold, are the stars. The ancient Egyptians believed that the stars were literally their ancestors, shining down upon them from beyond.

I find myself thinking how altogether appropriate it would be if John Glenn now became a star, shining down on us from the firmament.

Rest in peace, Senator/Colonel Glenn. May you join the akhu.

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