Coexist. Failure is not an option

So in January, we bought a new car for me (an automatic! The Netjeru be praised!). My husband took over my old one, with the Tolerance bumper sticker. I was sad to see it go (he didn’t cover it up, but the white Kia was no longer my primary vehicle). But I had a “Coexist” bumper sticker on hand, which didn’t get used because I liked the “Tolerance” one better. But with the new car, I thought its time had come.

And since the hubby and I make frequent trips to Kennedy Space Center, we bought a bumper sticker with the slogan from one of my favorite movies, Apollo 13.

So this happened:

My New Car
I swear I didn’t do this on purpose. But I like it.

I like this so much that there will be a permanent blank space between those two bumper stickers. Think the message is clear enough?

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