The difference between Isis and the Islamic State

This keeps coming up every now and then. And so I thought this was worth revisiting.

Kemetic vs. Atheist

I work as a temp. At my job site I got a question about a bumper sticker I have on my car. This guy doesn’t know me – in fact, I don’t even know his name yet (only been at the job site five days now, and people come and go, and I’m not really extroverted…at all…and he was in a rush to leave and I didn’t get his name). Anyway, he asked about this bumper sticker:


I guess I should have seen it coming.

So I tried to tell him, in as neutral a fashion as I could, that it was referring to the goddess Isis from ancient Egypt. And so did Ra.

And he said something like, “Not the junk in the Middle East,” or something.

And I said, “No, of course not!” Which was kind of unfair of me, because like I said, he doesn’t know me…

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