A prayer to certain Netjeru

Aset, Wepwawet and Bast on my altar.
Aset, Wepwawet and Bast on my altar.


Dua Aset,

Great and Gracious Mother,

Who gave me strength and healing and light,

Thank You for being with me

in my most difficult hour.

Thank You for saving us

from the hurricane,

For helping me do what

needed to be done.

I know You always say,

“Find your strength [within you],”

but You certainly helped me find it.


Dua Wepwawet,

Opener of the Ways,

Guardian of the paths,

Thank You for conducting us safely

to our evacuation place

and back home again.


Dua Bast,

Great Lady, Mother of Cats,

Thank You for watching over

Your children who are in our care.

Thank You for being with them, and with us,

as we drove them for three hours

to a place of safety.


Dua Aset,

Great Mother, Healer and Lover,

Thank You for the gift of Light

Which You gave me upon our return.

Thank You for your precious healing

and love and care.

May You love me as much as I love You.


Dua Aset!

Dua Wepwawet!

Dua Bast!

2 thoughts on “A prayer to certain Netjeru

    1. Thank you, and you’re welcome.

      It’s funny because I never would have thought of doing that had I not seen someone else do it, and do it beautifully. When I started following my now-friend at Only Fragments (, I was astounded that she was posting prayers. “Oh my god, she’s posting prayers on her blog! How can she find the courage?” But then I started reading those prayers, and eventually, I saved a couple of them for my own use. I found a prayer from In the Desert of Set ( that I saved also. And now here I am, posting one of my prayers. I don’t know how translatable it is to other people’s experience; maybe next time I’ll write a prayer that’s more generic.

      Once again, I learn that you never know where life will take you. It’s a good thing. 🙂


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