Criticism of Religion

Remembering Phil Saviano

One of, if not the, hero of the clergy sexual abuse scandal passed away Sunday, November 28. Today we remember Phil Saviano.

Phil Saviano in 2002. Copyright Steven Senne.

Phil Saviano was just 11 when a priest began abusing him. As an adult, he would go on to collect records about his own case and others, compiling evidence which he would eventually bring to the Boston Globe’s Spotlight section. But if you’ve seen the movie “Spotlight,” you know all that.

Phil died of gallbladder cancer that had spread to his liver. This was after suffering an HIV diagnosis and having had a kidney transplant. He continued to speak out courageously until the end of his life.

There are some nice obituaries on the Boston Globe and MSN websites; I will not try to duplicate them here. I will note that MSN quotes two cardinals as saying nice things about Saviano; the sincerity of these words I leave for you to judge.

I will end by saying this: Rest in peace, sir. May your ka be justified.

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