Wesir’s Day again

Okay, I haven’t been completely honest with you guys. I saw the doctor a few weeks ago and I was assured that physical stress, not mental stress, makes my mono worse. (It is getting better.) Oh, goodie. Does this mean I can get ticked off again? Because there’s been so much to get ticked off… Continue reading Wesir’s Day again


Shrine photos

Okay, folks, I promised you photos last time, and here they are. My shrine resides on top of a jewelry armoire. The lid can be opened, but that section holds rings, and I almost never wear additional rings besides my wedding, engagement and engagement anniversary ring. I know, I have too many statues. Why do… Continue reading Shrine photos


Praying with a dying relative of a different faith

Once more, I draw my inspiration from Free Inquiry, the magazine for atheists (even though I’m not an atheist). The June/July 2016 issue features two answers to the question “Would You Pray with a Dying Believer?” One atheist writer would; the other would not. I understand this is a little different for me as a… Continue reading Praying with a dying relative of a different faith


Kemetic mourning rituals

We preempt your normally scheduled Kemetic vs. Atheist post to bring you some information on Kemetic mourning rituals. Well, at least the ritual from my temple. A few minutes ago, I got word that a friend of mine died yesterday. We weren’t especially close, but I took the news that she was dying with some… Continue reading Kemetic mourning rituals

Criticism of Religion · Kemeticism

Leah Remini, Scientology, and the experiences that define us

When I saw the November 16 issue of People magazine on the stands at my local pharmacy, I looked at the cover and thought, “Hey, I might be able to get a blog post out of this.” Sure enough, here I am. Despite being a science fiction fan, I haven’t read any L. Ron Hubbard,… Continue reading Leah Remini, Scientology, and the experiences that define us


Multiple gods and multiple questions

I was attending a Catholic high school when I encountered what I have been thinking was a proverb, but I guess it’s more of a philosophy, and I thought it was Chinese but I was wrong – apparently it’s Hindu. “There are many paths to the same summit” refers to the world’s religions – many… Continue reading Multiple gods and multiple questions


Why I quit the Unitarians

A few weeks ago, I attended my last Unitarian Universalist service. At first, the problem was that I was going to church more often than I was doing rite. Rite, my shorthand for Daily Rite (since I usually don’t do it every day, like I should), was coming second to going to church (a weekly… Continue reading Why I quit the Unitarians