Is life after death the same as eternal life?

What do you think? Since I’m asking the question, probably not, right? Are you surprised? So was I. In my death-crawl slog through the book Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt, I find the following passage (pp. 163–64): At the end of the world there will no longer be men and gods, as is clear… Continue reading Is life after death the same as eternal life?


Praying with a dying relative of a different faith

Once more, I draw my inspiration from Free Inquiry, the magazine for atheists (even though I’m not an atheist). The June/July 2016 issue features two answers to the question “Would You Pray with a Dying Believer?” One atheist writer would; the other would not. I understand this is a little different for me as a… Continue reading Praying with a dying relative of a different faith

Criticism of Religion

State is not the only thing that needs to be separated from church

I talk a certain amount about church/state separation and the need for it. But as my title suggests, there’s more than just government that needs to be separated from religion. Which brings me to Overeaters Anonymous (I’m starting there because it’s the group I have actual experience with. If I were attending a meeting today,… Continue reading State is not the only thing that needs to be separated from church

Church-State Separation

The week in review

Warning: Language. According to the American Humanist Association, Monday was Church/State Separation Day. I saved their graphic for the event: I’m sure this is a “raise awareness” kind of thing, not a celebration thing, since the state of our church/state separation sucks as long as “In God We Trust” is our national motto. I suppose… Continue reading The week in review

Kemeticism · Unitarian Universalism

Why I quit the Unitarians

A few weeks ago, I attended my last Unitarian Universalist service. At first, the problem was that I was going to church more often than I was doing rite. Rite, my shorthand for Daily Rite (since I usually don’t do it every day, like I should), was coming second to going to church (a weekly… Continue reading Why I quit the Unitarians

Kemeticism · Unitarian Universalism

Musings on the Unitarian Universalists

Yesterday I attended my second Unitarian Universalist service. I’d gone to my first one in April, and hadn’t been motivated until yesterday to go back. I’m used to doing my own thing on Sunday – too many years either as an atheist or a solitary – and I sleep in a lot, and it takes… Continue reading Musings on the Unitarian Universalists


The afterlife

The February/March 2015 issue of Free Inquiry has two articles on death: Greta Christina says that atheists need to start more conversations about death, and James Davenport argues that we leave heaven when we die. But I’m not exactly an atheist, so I’m not really sure where I fall on the afterlife spectrum. I’ve gone… Continue reading The afterlife

Criticism of Religion · Kemeticism

The power of religion

Warning: strong language. I have a website, or I should say I’m maintaining a website. Only I do a bad job at it. It’s been two years since I even touched it, and even longer since I uploaded changes. The creator died and I took over the site, and I have all kinds of excuses… Continue reading The power of religion

Church-State Separation · Kemeticism

Welcome to the craziness that is me

Hi and welcome. I’ve contemplated doing a blog for a while now, but wondered if I had anything useful to say. We’ll find out together. My Twitter bio says I’m “part atheist, part Kemetic.” I’ve been this way for some time, really, sometimes secular, sometimes religious. It’s very situational. Is that a bad thing? Maybe,… Continue reading Welcome to the craziness that is me