Getting over guilt

I’ve had a rough time with this one lately. Anyone else? I don’t know if it’s the “obsessive thoughts” part of obsessive-compulsive disorder or the fact that I’m still kind of a recovering Catholic, even though I’ve partly returned to that faith, but either way, I am just haunted by guilt. Maybe the word “haunted”… Continue reading Getting over guilt

Criticism of Religion · Kemeticism

Matt Dillahunty: “God’s a pr!ck”

Okay, those weren’t his words as I recall them, but let me explain all this. So as I’ve said before on this blog, my husband is an atheist. We both have YouTube running almost constantly on our TV (because we don’t have cable so we don’t have the Weather Channel [wah]). In my husband’s case,… Continue reading Matt Dillahunty: “God’s a pr!ck”


Doing the Akhu Rite for my mother

I’ve continued doing Devo’s Making Ma’at rites into this year (and really have no intention of stopping, unless the world becomes miraculously better). Two days ago, I did the Akhu Rite for my mother for the first time. Now, technically, I suppose I cheated. I think this rite is supposed to be used for those… Continue reading Doing the Akhu Rite for my mother

Criticism of Religion · Kemeticism

Leah Remini, Scientology, and the experiences that define us

When I saw the November 16 issue of People magazine on the stands at my local pharmacy, I looked at the cover and thought, “Hey, I might be able to get a blog post out of this.” Sure enough, here I am. Despite being a science fiction fan, I haven’t read any L. Ron Hubbard,… Continue reading Leah Remini, Scientology, and the experiences that define us

Kemeticism · Unitarian Universalism

Why I quit the Unitarians

A few weeks ago, I attended my last Unitarian Universalist service. At first, the problem was that I was going to church more often than I was doing rite. Rite, my shorthand for Daily Rite (since I usually don’t do it every day, like I should), was coming second to going to church (a weekly… Continue reading Why I quit the Unitarians