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Be well, Matt Dillahunty

At the beginning of tonight’s Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty announced that this would be his last show. “Well,” I thought, “if I’m going to call in, it’s now or never.” You see, in an earlier video, I had heard Matt say that he had never had a believer tell him, “Yes, I believe, but I… Continue reading Be well, Matt Dillahunty

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Matt Dillahunty: “God’s a pr!ck”

Okay, those weren’t his words as I recall them, but let me explain all this. So as I’ve said before on this blog, my husband is an atheist. We both have YouTube running almost constantly on our TV (because we don’t have cable so we don’t have the Weather Channel [wah]). In my husband’s case,… Continue reading Matt Dillahunty: “God’s a pr!ck”