Church-State Separation

I’m (mostly) secular and I vote(d)

With my last blog post, I can hardly claim to be secular. But I am still all in favor of separation of church and state, and I am not inclined to vote for someone who is in danger of pushing her or his Christian (or other religious) agenda the minute she or he takes office. And when Florida held its primary on March 15, I voted absentee. (Who do you think I voted for? Hint: It wasn’t a Republican. For one thing, I’m registered as a Democrat, and Florida is a closed primary state.)

I am watching with particular interest the “I’m Secular and I Vote” campaign of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. I support their efforts to inject more secularism into the politics of the United States. And I hope that politicians of all parties take note of this growing segment of America’s population.

I just wish I could wear one of their buttons. You think they’d make one for people like me?

Please leave your thoughts below.

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