The real reason for the season

My traditional reblog of my seasonal message. Happy holidays!

Kemetic vs. Atheist

I couldn’t figure out how to reblog this a second time, so I copied and pasted into a new blog post. Happy holidays and spread the love.

I was doing rite to Hathor, the Lady of Love, today (i.e. December 16, 2016), and something came to me. Maybe it isn’t earth-shattering, but I wanted to share it with you guys.

Let’s not lose sight of this during the holiday season.

Whether you think the reason for the season is Jesus, Yahweh or coaxial tilt, isn’t the real reason for the season love? Love to whatever deity you pray to (if you don’t pray to anyone, no worries, just keep reading), love to family, love to friends? Isn’t that why we send cards and give gifts at this time of year?

So I wish you all, my readers, love. Go out and spread love to everyone you meet. ‘Tis the season.

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One thought on “The real reason for the season

  1. Mystics and perception best way i see to observe the whole as a whole is no matter what you can find the same truth in everything from religion to practices in any manner omnipresent all in one , one in all the wide range of diversity and war over a personal perception and the watering down of truth it’s painful to watch the world in the state it’s in we are all the same but in different ways be the original you you came here to be regardless of the name or perception you may perceive it is all the same return the world to it’s orgagal form and we With it stay blessed all


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