Kemetic/Christian Prayers for My Father

Dua Aset
Great Mother, Magical Healer
Cast your spells of healing on my dad.
Let your incantations
Raise his oxygen
Bring him to consciousness
Purge the infection
And bring him back to us.

Dua Sekhmet
Goddess of Doctors
Allow Dad’s surgeons to know
How to heal him.

Dear Jesus,
I beg you, stay your hand.
Take not your son to you yet.
If he knocks on heaven’s door,
yell from the other side,
“Not yet! Come back later!”

I beg you all,
As a child tugs at her mother’s gowns,
Allow me this tiniest glimmer of hope.
I cling to the raft,
Adrift on the dark, cold seas.
Take not my father from me this day.
For he and I are not done.
There is still so much to share.

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