Shot glasses on the shrine!

Okay, that was very clickbaity. (I couldn’t resist.) But, well, check it out…

My shrine, with statues of Aset and Sekhmet. Oil burner: Ma’at. (Credit: Louise Pare-Lobinske)

This all started with the realization one day that since, very frequently, I do rite to multiple gods at once, maybe those gods would like their own separate drinking vessels. But the space on my shrine is limited. What to do?

Shot glasses to the rescue!

I’ve tried this with my main Three (Aset, Hathor and Nephthys) and also with Aset and Sekhmet, as you see pictured above. (Aset lost one of Her horns in a fall and hasn’t had a chance to be repaired yet. Sekhmet has both a statue and an image because, well, it’s complicated. And I need to replace the candelabras because I can’t get the one bulb working…) Now while the Three didn’t seem to mind either way (the response I got was a lighthearted, “Well, we’re all drinking anyway, what does it matter?”), Sekhmet, I’ve noticed, does seem to appreciate the individualized attention. So there are two glasses for each of them: a glass for the water and a glass for the oat milk.

This does mean that there is less milk to share with my cat, Missy, after the rite, a problem I haven’t quite solved yet (because the volume of two shot glasses does not equal that of a custard cup, apparently). After a couple of times where I drank a sip of Sekhmet’s milk and poured the rest back into the creamer for Missy, last time I drank all of Sekhmet’s share (all after reverting, of course) and got Missy her own supply from the fridge, served in one of the bowls I normally use for just one god, but she wasn’t too impressed. I guess it’s got to come straight from the shrine or she’s not interested. I didn’t want to short my experience with Sekhmet this time, but maybe, if I’m going to do just a sip, I should sip from both glasses and then pour the rest for my cat, so that both goddesses receive equal treatment, my cat gets what she’s used to, and (hopefully) everybody’s happy.


Aset and Sekhmet are a pair I’ve started praying to fairly recently when my needs seem to be more healing-related. Aset has a long history with me, as readers may know. Sekhmet is not only the patron of my temple, Per Ankh, but I’ve had some special experiences with Her as well. (Lately, I have been trying to swap out mood-altering medications for crystals and praying, a journey which should not be attempted by the fainthearted. Nevertheless, when I’ve asked for help, I’ve always gotten it.)

And then there’s Missy: my baby girl, my favorite (I know, parents aren’t supposed to have favorites, but she’s mine), and a sweet, loving creature who’s always ready to worry over me whenever needed.

Missy. Look at those beautiful green eyes. (Credit: Louise Pare-Lobinske)

If you are a believer, who do you pray to in times of trouble? If you are a nonbeliever, what are your methods of coping? Please feel free to share in the comments.

Be safe, everyone.


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