Year of Rites: So far (now that the year’s almost over)

So I have wanted to post for a long time now, but my efforts in March required some extra thought. Anyway, here I am, finally. I posted way back in January that I was going to start doing Devo’s Making Ma’at 2k19 rites this year, in addition to the regular, so-called “Daily Rite” that I… Continue reading Year of Rites: So far (now that the year’s almost over)

Kemeticism · Unitarian Universalism

Back with the UUs…probably?

So I went to church today. No, my faith didn’t change, but my interpretation of it did somewhat. Longtime readers of this blog – all three of you ­čÖé – will remember that I left the Unitarian Universalist Church in Tallahassee because they seemed overfond of the word “blessed” for my taste. I wasn’t convinced… Continue reading Back with the UUs…probably?

Criticism of Religion

When someone you knew turns out to be a child sexual abuser

Yesterday had started innocently enough. I had dreamt about an old high school teacher and wondered if he was still alive. Notable in my brain was a previous time I had dreamt about an old high school teacher, done an Internet search and discovered that she had passed a month prior. The one I had… Continue reading When someone you knew turns out to be a child sexual abuser


Making Ma’at 2k19

Originally posted on The Twisted Rope:
Earlier this summer I found myself mulling over Wep Ronpet and the yearly execrations that most of us perform for that holiday — specifically as it relates to ma’at. I’ve read in several places over the years that whenever you remove isfet from the world, you should seek to…

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The real reason for the season

I couldn’t figure out how to reblog this a second time, so I copied and pasted into a new blog post. Happy holidays and spread the love. I was doing rite to Hathor, the Lady of Love, today (i.e. December 16, 2016), and something came to me. Maybe it isn’t earth-shattering, but I wanted to… Continue reading The real reason for the season


A prayer to certain Netjeru

  Dua Aset, Great and Gracious Mother, Who gave me strength and healing and light, Thank You for being with me in my most difficult hour. Thank You for saving us from the hurricane, For helping me do what needed to be done. I know You always say, “Find your strength [within you],” but You… Continue reading A prayer to certain Netjeru


70 days since my best friend killed herself

Today, the day you’re reading this, makes the 70th day since my best friend took her own life. ┬á ┬á Okay, maybe by some definitions she wasn’t my BEST friend. Did I call her every night with my troubles? No. Did she call me every night with hers? No. It had been at least 18… Continue reading 70 days since my best friend killed herself


Aset’s Day

Well, it’s been a while. Believe me when I say “crazy” doesn’t cover it. But here I am, and I thought I’d do something, ahem, crazy and post from the middle of the Unyear this year. Exciting, huh? I’m in kind of a weird space right now, religiously. I reached out to my┬áspiritual advisor over… Continue reading Aset’s Day