Criticism of Religion

A Kemetic and an atheist mourned a Catholic…

Sounds like the setup to a bad joke, doesn’t it? “A Kemetic, an atheist and a Catholic walked into a bar…” (Even my saying that is a bad cliché. But I couldn’t resist, sorry.) My dad died on July 27. He was a devout Catholic. The funeral was on August 5. It’s been rough. Losing… Continue reading A Kemetic and an atheist mourned a Catholic…

Unitarian Universalism

The 8th Principle of Unitarian Universalism

I’ve definitely been getting more into UUism lately. I’m joining groups and reading books, and I even volunteered to be my church’s Collecting Treasurer, a role I take over on July 1st. (Do I know what I’m doing? Heck, no. When has that ever stopped me?) One of the groups concerns promoting the 8th Principle… Continue reading The 8th Principle of Unitarian Universalism


Kemetic/Christian Prayers for My Father

Dua AsetGreat Mother, Magical HealerCast your spells of healing on my dad.Let your incantationsRaise his oxygenBring him to consciousnessPurge the infectionAnd bring him back to us. Dua SekhmetGoddess of DoctorsAllow Dad’s surgeons to knowHow to heal him. Dear Jesus,I beg you, stay your hand.Take not your son to you yet.If he knocks on heaven’s door,yell… Continue reading Kemetic/Christian Prayers for My Father


The real reason for the season

Originally posted on Kemetic vs. Atheist:
I couldn’t figure out how to reblog this a second time, so I copied and pasted into a new blog post. Happy holidays and spread the love. I was doing rite to Hathor, the Lady of Love, today (i.e. December 16, 2016), and something came to me. Maybe it…


A prayer to Aset in the Unyear 2020

In my locality, the Unyear started on Saturday, but I have been singularly unmotivated this year to do anything for it. I did rite on Wesir’s Day (Saturday) and that’s about it. But I did find the energy to write this prayer to my patron, on Her birthday.   A Prayer to Aset in the… Continue reading A prayer to Aset in the Unyear 2020


Doing the Akhu Rite for my mother

I’ve continued doing Devo’s Making Ma’at rites into this year (and really have no intention of stopping, unless the world becomes miraculously better). Two days ago, I did the Akhu Rite for my mother for the first time. Now, technically, I suppose I cheated. I think this rite is supposed to be used for those… Continue reading Doing the Akhu Rite for my mother


A dose of realism for Earth Day

Hi, guys. I had given some thought to a post talking about Geb, the earth god, and Ma’at on Earth Day – it does happen to be the New Moon today, and I had promised to carry on the “Making Ma’at” tradition into this year, so I was going to do rite, and maybe post… Continue reading A dose of realism for Earth Day


Year of Rites: So far (now that the year’s almost over)

So I have wanted to post for a long time now, but my efforts in March required some extra thought. Anyway, here I am, finally. I posted way back in January that I was going to start doing Devo’s Making Ma’at 2k19 rites this year, in addition to the regular, so-called “Daily Rite” that I… Continue reading Year of Rites: So far (now that the year’s almost over)

Kemeticism · Unitarian Universalism

Back with the UUs…probably?

So I went to church today. No, my faith didn’t change, but my interpretation of it did somewhat. Longtime readers of this blog – all three of you 🙂 – will remember that I left the Unitarian Universalist Church in Tallahassee because they seemed overfond of the word “blessed” for my taste. I wasn’t convinced… Continue reading Back with the UUs…probably?